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LifeForce Session

 "I am adept at traversing the energetic planes, holding you safely and aligning with your sacred desires and intentions to change. Through LifeForce energies I hold up to you a mirror, a template of your being as it was originally created.  I encourage you to open to your true nature. In doing so those parts that prevented you from embracing your full potential transform. Then you can permanently live from a place of better health and happiness."

I have developed LifeForce Healing with the intention of helping you to transform your consciousness in a similar way that opening to its frequencies of creation has transformed hers. The space for healing energy, love and understanding flows just by opening to LifeForce, and in the positive choice you make when you show up for a session.

Here is how:

•  We will talk for a few minutes and settle down with each other, so that you
    can tell me what is going on for you and what you are hoping for.  When we
    have brought this into focus we transition to the energy healing.  
•  You evolve, and so does your Life in this sacred time and space that you have
    set aside for yourself.  This transformation happens in a way and at a pace that
    is just right for you.  
•  I align myself with you and your wishes.  I hold a completely safe space for you
    as we journey together.  This means that I call upon the highest aspects of your
    being and affirm to you through all your levels of existence, conscious and
    unconscious, that I am fully present and will assist you in making the 
    changes you desire.
•  No intention for change that you hold is too large or too small.  I honor every
    aspect that you bring forward for illumination and transformation.

Each energy therapy session is one hour in length. 

We can work together in person through hands on healing, or by distance healing over the telephone.

Hands-on Healing
After we have presenced what you would like to bring forward for your session, I will invite you to remove your shoes and lie comfortably on a massage table for the energy healing. 

Sessions tend to be deep, relaxing, and peaceful, and as a result quite silent.

However, if you have questions concerning your experiences in the moment, we can dialogue as we go. Sometimes I will encourage you to direct your awareness internally as we drop deeply into the most potent energies that can signal change.

Distance Healing (Telephone, Zoom, or Skype)
Distance healing enables you to pursue a path of evolution or attend to your physical wellbeing no matter where you live. 
Healing energies can be transmitted at any distance, in person on the telephone, Zoom or Skype, with just as much depth and impact on your health and wellbeing as if we were present together in the same room.  

I suggest that you settle yourself down somewhere quiet, in a place where you can be relaxed and uninterrupted.  You will call me on the platform you indicated that you prefer at the time you scheduled your appointment. 

We will stay connected throughout, and dialogue as the need arises about what is taking place.  I want you to be comfortable at all times with how you are feeling.    

For more information on the dynamics of distant healing work and energy fields, I recommend that you read Lynne McTaggart’s book, The Field.  She writes about quantum phenomena from her perspective as an investigative reporter. 

After Care
The energy shifts of each session do not necessarily stop when we end the session. Integration may take minutes or even hours, or your healing may unfold over a number of days.  It is important to allow your own wisdom to guide the pace, so that your healing continues to deepen as it integrates.  Listen to your body and trust your feelings.

During this period:
•  Be gentle to yourself.   
•  Rest when you can and when you need to.
•  Drink plenty of water.  This will help to clear any toxins released from your
    body during periods of energetic purification.  

‘When we are not willing to see what life is trying to show us, it will keep ramping up the intensity until we are willing to see what we need to see.  In this way, life itself is our greatest ally’ 
                                                                                 ~ Adyashanti

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