"I am so grateful for the healing you gave me.  Besides feeling wonderful afterwards, I felt a palpable shift the following day regarding the fear that we were addressing in the session.  And now, if echoes of it arise I am able to transmute it with love. Thank you so much."
                                                 - A. CASALE, NY 
"I found the long distance healing with Sarah unique in how connected we were.  Though on the phone, I had active physical responses during the session and felt the energies working deeply in my body.  Her transmission of LifeForce to me was amazing.  I felt blissed out afterwards.
                                                          - GLORY W., OR 
 "Sarah is a master healer who has incredible presence. In our sessions her skill at finding the core issue that is affecting me is unparalleled and always pivotal to my healing process.  Her healing ability, coupled with NeurOptimal™, took me further in my journey than I thought possible.  I left feeling grounded, present and more fully in myself than I had for a long time.  Sarah is a remarkable healer." 
                                                  -  LYNN KREADEN, NY 
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What People Say ... about healings with Sarah
"Sarah,  you created such a perfectly relaxing, comfortable and clear space for me to settle into, I had no doubt I was being guided to be in touch with pure Grace. Somehow you knew just when to comment on my process, giving such remarkably clear feedback, it was a great comfort to have my experiences validated as they evolved. Words fail to capture the marvelous, nourishing support I received at every level of my being, and that was just for starters! I cannot imagine a better partner for co-creating such a joyous and inspirational journey into my Being. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!" 
                     - MARY B. O'MALLEY, MD, PhD., CT
"Sarah has an extraordinary depth of presence which has had a profound effect in my healing experiences with her.  They have had a deeply grounding effect on my body and being.  Her healing mastery connected into the deep structures of my body, radiating and strengthening the very foundation of my being and supporting my connection to the truth of who I am.  Sarah holds a powerful and sacred knowing of seeing one as already whole.  Her work is extraordinarily respectful and impeccable.
                                          -  KRISTINA KINCAID, NY
"I went to see Sarah because I just didn't feel like myself - I felt off center and stuck in my ability to generate. During our sessions, I could feel the light and energy moving through my body - and at the end - I felt lighter and clearer. Thanks to Sarah, I am feeling like my old self again."    
                                                        - D.G., NY

"Sarah takes you to the core of your Source to drink from the cup of deep and lasting peace.  Her ability to hold the frequency of your Highest Being and reflect that to you creates a quantum space where all things are possible."
                                                               - BARBARA SCHMID, CO
"Sarah Lidsey is a gifted healer and you will receive impeccable carfrom her. You don’t need to be out of alignment to benefit from a session with Sarah because your system always craves support. However, if you are stressed, stuck, overwhelmed, in pain or out of balance in any way, I urge you to have a session ASAP! When she works on me I can literally feel the tension drain out of my body as it fills with calming, blissful energy. The experience is profoundly restful (like having a deep massage) and invigorating at the same time. You have to experience it to see for yourself, but I know that what she’s doing for me is even greater than I understand."
"I spent many years in traditional psychotherapy with very positive effects.  However, there were  certain themes it seemed I had been talking about for years in therapy and in which I didn't feel I was making much, if any, progress.  I thought perhaps Sarah and her work might be a good supplement to my therapy - sort of working on those themes from a completely different angle.  I can honestly say that Sarah has been incredibly helpful to me in opening up and allowing myself to break through the walls I had put up around certain aspects of my being.  I feel much more centered and connected with who I truly am, and less judgmental about who that person is.  What has been very interesting is how the subtle changes in me have been perceived by those around me, in a very positive way.  Some of the effects have been very pleasantly surprising!" 
"I have always internalized negative situations, criticising myself for not having corrected them, even if they were not directed at me - an unhealthy situation.  I had a treatment from Sarah and left feeling good but wondered if it would last.  A few weeks later at a hostile co-op Board meeting I did not react in that same unhealthy way.  The following month I again reacted to the hostile Board meeting in a healthy way.  I was still not convinced it was a lasting change.  Two weeks later a negative event occurred at work and I reacted promptly, in a positive way, for all involved.  I am now convinced my ability to respond to negativity and hostility in a new and healthy way is a lasting change."
"Work with Sarah enhances my experience of God and helps me to stay aware of reality regardless of my life circumstances. With deepest gratitude." 

"From the moment Sarah arrived I intuitively knew that I was in really good hands.  With a soft spoken re-assuring voice, I felt Sarah's professionalism and experience the entire session.  It was a deep journey back in time with a healing power that I have never felt before, this was truly and AWESOME experience.  Sarah's gift is pure, honest and real. If you should be so lucky to have a session with her you will know and understand the beautiful power that lies within her spirit, and radiates into your soul. Sarah re-aligned my chakra's and balanced my entire system all though energetic vibration.  At times I literally felt an electric current going through me, WOW it was powerful.  I would recommend Sarah to anyone who has a desire to travel deep into your own soul and journey safely." 
"Sarah  carries with her a palette of sacred land energies into which she can tap so as to provide just the right energy for her client’s unique needs.  Her connection to the Source of Life enables her work with clients to powerfully re-invigorate and realign them to their unique connection to life, profoundly healing mind, body and spirit.  Her sense of integrity and respectfulness cannot be overstated. I would highly recommend anyone to experience her healing work."  
                                                     - PATRICIA C. F., CA
            International Workshop Leader and Energy Practitioner 
"My session with Sarah connected me to the ancient and sacred source of healing which  re-awakened my deepest intentions of wholeness on all levels. Sarah's energies aligned with mine so we were able to open to the magic of true and complete connection.  Sarah brings her entire being to the healing, the result is pure joy and alignment."
Energy Practitioner
"Sarah's work truly embodies the next wave of consciousness for humankind.  It is not mired in the layers of our personality, but exalts the core realms of our being.  She facilitates and guides healing that is essential, profound and lasting."                                                                    - JOE R., NY
                                                   Early Childhood Educator

"I have found Sarah's work to be profound in how it empowers me to heal myself and in how it connects me to my inner jewel, my essence.  Sarah awakened my soul by allowing this jewel inside of me to connect and shine throughout my being, filled with love and compassion for myself, as well as others.  In all my sessions Sarah holds me with safety.  In some sessions she has witnessed me rescue my inner wounded child with such passion and grace.  In others I experience Divine energies move through me and expand infinitely outward.  The sessions we do together have illuminated, touched and changed many of my relationships in a very positive way.  The benefits of Sarah's work goes beyond your own being - it helps to heal all those whom you come in contact with and brings tremendous peace and joy for all."
               - MARIA W., NY
'It's exhilirating to be alive in a time of awakening consciousness; it can also be confusing, disorienting and painful.' 
                                                                           ~ Adrienne Rich
"Thank you for the powerful energetic healing sessions you've given me. It amazes me the way you are able to tap into the divine and accurately read energy."