Benefits of LifeForce

As an experienced multi-dimensional channel with deep connections with the Land and with Source, I facilitate a potent healing session where every aspect of your being is taken into account. This comprehensive blend of life enhancing energies responds to you uniquely according to your individual needs.  This is Lifeforce, and its energies connect you with the infinite possibilities of creation so that you can sculpt your existence to suit your world.  

As you make the choice to move to a new state of appreciation and freedom in your life, you transcend from a limited place of living to one in which the true nature of your being is easily able to express itself.  

Here are some of the real benefits of receiving a LifeForce session:
Alignment with your deepest wishes: the ability to move forward in life
The Evolution and Transformation of Consciousness 
ResolutionClarity, and Enhancement of all aspects of relationship  
Enjoyment emerging as the staple element of your life
Elimination of old patterns of behavior
Speeded and Enhanced recovery from injury or illness 
Feeling GroundedCentered, and more Balanced in Life
Relaxation from the stresses affecting your body and mind 

What concerns might you want to address using LifeForce?
I have heard these concerns spoken:
- 'I am experiencing a lot of change in my life at the moment, and I would like to feel          supported.’          
- 'I want to embody more of who I really am.’ 
- 'I feel that I have lost my way.  I want to find my true path.’
- 'I cannot seem to attract what I want into my life – job, relationship,
   abundance. I would like to change this.’
- 'I have been overwhelmed by my emotions.  Please help me to safely release
   some of these uncomfortable feelings and judgments.’
- ‘I want to alleviate the stress I feel.’
- 'I am exhausted and I need help in regaining my natural vitality.’
- 'I am not well and I want to do all I can to speed up and assist my recovery.’ 

 It might well be that you already feel fantastic, and you have an intuitive sense that LifeForce healing will be able to help you take the next steps forward so that you can embrace your life in all its fullness.  Great! This too is incredible sacred work that is ideally suited to LifeForce’s non-dual energies.
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‘Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it.'
                                                   ~ Tori Amos

"My intention is to empower you to deeply initiate your own inner healer and healing journey in whatever way is just right for you.  I am an ally standing with you on your path towards greater freedom of body, mind, and spirit.  I invite you to step forward and embrace the possibilities."